The rules of the Piggy and the Pig and Rose Club are as follows

1. You can have a free portion of fries on your pub card on Monday. Choose just the sauce: bluecheese or homemade ketchup? Fries can't be ordered for delivery or takeout.

2. On Tuesdays, the guys will make you a gin and tonic at the bar.

3. On Wednesdays, you can have a pint of your favorite light or dark.

4. Thursdays, all gentlemen are treated to a chef's pickled egg. Red or white?

5. On Friday, show the bartender a card and he'll give you a batch of horse chips. Where are the horses? There are no horses...

6. Everyone likes to go out on Friday, so you can have any soup on the menu on Saturday. Soup can't be ordered for delivery or takeout.

7. On Sunday, take a break. Drink a shot of any tincture on the card.

8. If you came to the SPARTAK match - we'll treat you with a shot of vodka and pickled egg on the card.

9. If you decided to celebrate your birthday in our pub, we'll treat you to a liter of tincture. But only once during this week.

10. Are you brought to the pub with a citizen under 8 years old? For the child - free ice cream ball.

11. The best part. You can get numerous advantages at Maria Santa and Santa Basilia Café with the Pig and Rose pub card. For example, free coffee until 11 a.m. Learn more here:

The card has no expiration date, but we ask that you come to us at least once every six months or the card will freeze.

Pig and Rose and Piggy Club rules are subject to change. Stay tuned to for updates – we may be coming up with more soon.