Members’ Club Rules

1. Everyone loves going out on Friday, so you can eat any soup from the menu on Saturday. Soup cannot be ordered for delivery or take-away.

2. If you decide to celebrate your birthday in our pub, we will treat you to a bottle of Jameson. Only once during the birthday week.

3. Every Wednesday, you can have a liter of your favorite beer in our pub!

4. If you are relaxing with us, you can have our red and write signature pickled eggs as a snack for free.

5. If you ate and drank for 25,000 rubles in the pub or our cafes, you are entitled to a lovely gift - a bottle of Jameson whiskey.

6. Showed up to the pub with a citizen under 8? Get free fries for the child using your card. 

7. Yes. The most pleasant. With the Pig and Rose pub card, you can get nice gifts at Maria Santa and Santa Basilia cafes. For example, free coffee until noon or an Aperol Spritz cocktail for 50 rubles on Tuesdays during the summer.

The card has no expiration date, but we ask you to visit us at least once every six months; otherwise, the card will freeze.

Pig and Rose Club rules are subject to change.

Stay tuned for updates at – maybe we will come up with something else soon.